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Specific Code Review Checklists

Code review checklists make code reviews more systematic and help detect more issues. They also help teams to perform code reviews more consistently among team members.

Yet, there is no one size fits all code review checklist. Instead, the best code review checklist is specific to your technology, domain and to what you want to check the code for. This means it’s best to tailor code review checklists to your needs.

In the remainder of this article, you find code review checklists that focus on different areas, like security or accessibility, or different technologies, such as Java or C. You can use those code review checklists for inspiration and derive your own one based on those example code review checklists.

General Code Review Checklists

Company Code Review Checklists

Security Related Code Review Checklists

Java Code Review Checklists

JavaScript Code Review Checklists

C# Code Review Checklists

C++ Code Review Checklists

Python Code Review Checklists

Pull Request Checklist

  • Frontend pull request checklist: This a meta checklist that makes sure you have done all necessary checks before your frontend code goes through a pull request.

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