Dr. Greiler giving a speech
Dr. Greiler giving a speech
Dr. Greiler giving a speech

Make Code Reviews Your Superpower.

Introduction to Code Review Workshops

Code Reviews are either a team’s superpower or an expensive bottleneck.

As a developer that practices code reviews, you are well aware of all the benefits of this engineering practice. Not only do code reviews increase the quality, readability, and maintainability of your codebase, but also foster collaboration of team members, increase knowledge sharing, mentoring and learning.

Still, code reviews also have their expensive drawbacks. In the worst case, code reviews drastically reduce the productivity of an engineering team while yielding to questionable or mediocre code improvements at best. I've seen too many companies suffer from the costly drawbacks of code reviews. Engineers spend a significant amount of time doing code reviews while experiencing pitfalls such as large reviews, long review times, insecurities on review approaches, and varying quality of code review feedback.

In a code review workshop you learn how to implement a high-impact code review practice.

By understanding and measuring your code review pain points, and learning proven code review best practices, you learn how to transform your code reviews from nightmare to a valuable superpower.

After the workshop, it will be crystal clear to you and your team how to effectively increase turnaround times while also ensuring high-quality review feedback. Learn from extensive code review research done by companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Get a rock-solid foundation on how to implement code reviews to ensure high productivity and high agility for your company.

Gets to fast and effective code reviews, and improve collaboration and communication, by booking a code review workshop.

From superficial reviews missing bugsto systematic + trustworthy reviews
From long, frustrating discussionsto efficient reviews + fast progress
From bulling and toxic atmospheresto mentorship and learning cultures

Make Your Code Reviews Rock

Trusted by companies all over the globe.

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Super power workshop

What's Included?

In this highly interactive code review workshop, I show you the most essential aspects of how to get to fast, yet effective code reviews. I reveal actionable strategies to overcome major pain points such as slow review turn-around times and low feedback quality.

Another area that we will touch on is how to give respectful and constructive code review feedback, and I teach you a highly effective method to handle and resolve conflicts. This code review training series is dedicated to developers, product managers, engineering leads, and other folks actively participating in the code review process.


  • How does code review speed impact review quality?
  • How to increase code review speed?
  • How to increase feedback quality?
  • Latest code review research and best practices
  • How do Google, Microsoft, Facebook review code?
  • Respectful, constructive code review feedback
  • Positively resolving conflicts during code reviews
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What you can expect from the workshop

Hi, I'm Dr. Michaela Greiler.

Over the last 10 years, I extensively researched and developed test, build, and code review techniques and tools that boost the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering teams. I worked with all major product teams at Microsoft, such as Office, Windows, and Visual Studio to overcome pitfalls during code reviews.

Since 2018, I also help companies outside of Microsoft boost their code review practices.

I have a Ph.D. from Delft University of Technology in Software Engineering and received the Google Techmaker Award. I also run the Software Engineering Unlocked podcast. My research is published in several high-ranked scientific journals.

Dr. Greiler giving a speech

What Others Say

Michaela is a great example to show how beneficial innovation can be for software companies. Her ability to apply research findings to industry settings is impressive.

Dr. Ana PaviaProfessor at Univeristy of Porto, Portogual

What to Expect?

Through my code review workshops, your team gets to fast and effective code reviews, and improves their collaboration and communication. All workshops happen in small groups, are very interactive and filled with hands-on exercise.


Interactive and Hands-on

The code review workshops are packed with hands-on exercises, interactive discussions, little games, and equip the participants with actionable know-how.


Play and Impactful

The code review trainings are playful, yet lead to tangible outcomes. Depending on the workshop, participants will be able to increase code review tum-around times, feedback quality, or collaboration.


Fully Remote

The code review workshops are held in a fully remote set-up via video conference tools such as Zoom. Participants need access to their own codebase and their code reviews.


Research and Best Practices

The code review training is led by the leading code review expert, Dr. Michaela Greiler. Participants learn practices from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and all advice is based on the latest research findings.

What Others Say

Thank you for leading the code review workshop earlier in the week. I found it to be informative and engaging. It encouraged discussion in a relaxed environment, which was valuable to me since a lot of the colleagues attending were in orgs that have different practices.

Ciro NishiguchiChief Engineer at National Instruments

Thanks a lot for the very interesting code review workshop! I feel that it emphasized many important points, of which I wasn't fully aware. The workshop was interactive and the studies you shared were interesting and inspiring.

Tal DavidSoftware Developer at Wix.com

Code-reviews and their expected results are very subjective. Putting them into a valuable and dignified context for all participants can be difficult. This workshop offers actionable ideas and principles that can help improve them for your team and yourself.

Jakob OberhummerCofounder at Etonomy

Michaela is a great communicator and expert on the topic! I enjoyed the code review training in general, especially provided examples of good and poor code review feedback. If you are interested or want to know more about code reviews best practices I’d definitely recommend her!

Vasily BelolapotkovFull-Stack Developer at Automattic

Make Your Code Reviews Rock.


2-hour workshop focusing on either:

  • Making code reviews faster and more effective
  • Improving the feedback culture and collaboration.


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Min. number of participants is 10.
Add additional participants for €129 per seat, up to 25 people per workshop.
Fewer participants? Request a quote.


3 x 2-hour workshop sessions.

Focusing on:

  • Making code reviews fast and more effective
  • Improving code review feedback and collaboration
  • Assessment of your team's code review pain points.


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Min. number of participants is 10.
Add additional participants for €349 per seat, up to 25 people per workshop.
Fewer participants? Request a quote.


Everything in Excellence
+ Improvement coaching.

  • In-depth analysis of your code review practice
  • Including 4 hours of coaching to help your team systematically improve their code review practice.


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Min. number of participants is 10.
Add additional participants for €499 per seat, up to 25 people per workshop.
Fewer participants? Request a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Code Review Workshop?​

The workshops are designed to transform your code reviews from a bottleneck into a valuable superpower. They are highly interactive and include several hands-on exercises. All workshops are conducted remotely and in small groups. Participants will learn code review best practices from companies like Google and Microsoft, as well as empirically validated strategies to enhance their developer experience.​

Why are Code Review Workshops Needed?

Developers spend a significant amount of time doing code reviews, often facing challenges such as large reviews, long review times, uncertainty about review approaches, and inconsistent quality of feedback. These issues can drastically reduce the productivity of an engineering team and result in questionable or mediocre code improvements.​

What is the Outcome of the Code Review Training?​

After completing these workshops, engineers will know how to implement a high-impact code review strategy, improve code review turnaround times, enhance feedback quality, and communicate and collaborate respectfully within the team. Developers will leave with a concrete plan to improve code reviews in their team.​

Who Benefits from this Code Review Workshop?​

These workshops are beneficial for developers looking to improve their code review experience, whether they face slow turnaround times, low feedback quality, unclear guidelines, or toxic environments. They are also useful for product managers, engineering leads, and others actively participating in the code review process.

Is the workshop suitable for senior developers?​

Yes, the workshop is highly suitable for senior developers. Their focus and role in the workshop are to level up their skills in mentoring and helping the team transform and improve their practices. Having senior and experienced developers attend is a significant advantage.

Can the workshop be customized for our specific needs?​

Yes, the workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of your team. Before each workshop, we will arrange a call with a few of your developers and leaders to understand your requirements and goals.

When do the workshop take place?

The workshops are scheduled based on your availability. Please contact us to arrange a workshop.​

What discounts are available?​

For groups larger than 15 people, please contact us for a custom offer.

What happens if more than 25 developers want to do this workshop?​

Participants will be split into smaller groups, and the workshop will be repeated for each group.​

What happens if we are less than 10 developers that want to do the workshop?​

You can still book the workshop, but the price per developer will increase. Please contact us for a quote. Or, consider teaming up with colleagues from another team or company.​

Are prices inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)?​

All prices are exclusive of VAT. However, due to company transactions, most cases will be handled as reverse charge transactions.​

Can we receive an invoice with the correct business address and reverse charge?​

Of course, we will provide an invoice that accurately detail the company's name, address, tax identification number, and any other required information.​

Still need more information?