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Why we need an Awesome Code Review Workshop

Copy and Paste this email and send it to your manager to ask for workshop approval.

Dear manager,

Code reviews are an extremely effective collaboration and quality assurance technique. As you know, they help with knowledge transfer, improve the code base, prevent accidents, detect bugs, help us to stay informed about what colleagues are doing, and help us trace and track decisions for later reference.

Software developers are expected to know how to do code reviews without ever getting any formal training for it. Yet, code reviews are a socio-technical engineering practices that is performed on a team level.

This means that code reviews also require social, technical and organizational skills. This is also the reason why many teams struggle with it. In fact, research shows that the majority of engineering teams that practice code reviews experience major problems like:

  • a slowed-down development process
  • long code review turnaround times
  • large reviews that are hard to understand
  • bottlenecks and review overload
  • reviews that are just signed off without a review (aka rubberstamp reviews)
  • nit-picking or meaningless feedback
  • unfair reviews
  • conflicts

While we are taking our code reviews seriously, we also experience problems, and we believe that a workshop focusing especially on overcoming code review pitfalls will help us to get a better developer experience.

The workshop is designed to enable us to get to fast and effective reviews, which enables us to develop high-quality applications with fewer bugs!

That’s why we are asking for workshop tickets to

Awesome code review workshops from Dr. Michaela Greiler are cohort-based training sessions that are interactive and focus on overcoming our main code review pain points. Dr. Greiler has been working with teams worldwide for over 10 years to improve their code review practice. She has worked with teams at Microsoft, Wix, NationalInstruments, and many more.

Did you know that developers spend between 10-20 percent of their time doing code reviews? We are no exception.

By participating in the workshop our team will be able to have a common understanding of how to do code reviews to gain the most benefits while minimizing their drawbacks. A faster and more effective code review process will literally save the company money, and the improved code quality will improve the user experience and allows us to react faster to user requests.

Dr. Greiler has taught hundreds of developers how to bring their code reviews from bottleneck to superpower.

We want to do this too!

Please support us in growing our skill set so that we can write better software for you and our users. Click here to visit Awesome Code Reviews and purchase the tickets for us:

As code reviews are a team effort, I hope you will allow several of our developers to do the training. The good news is, Michaela offers group discounts. So the more tickets we purchase, the bigger the discount.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for helping us grow and learn. We are sure this will have a significant positive impact on our development practices!


- your team

This email is inspired by the awesome Kent C. Dodds, that has similar letters that let you ask for his Testing JavaScript and his EpicReact course. Thanks, Kent!

This article first appeared on Last updated: January 14, 2023

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Written by Dr. Michaela Greiler who is obsessed with making code reviews your superpower. Learn more about her workshops.